Why Join SFOS?

The San Francisco Optometric Society is a community of optometrists dedicated to helping promote the profession and provide its members with many resources and support.  We play a key role in the direction of eye care.  In the past year, the COA was instrumental in the passage of SB1406 which increases the scope of practice for optometrists to include treating glaucoma as well as removing restrictions on certain procedures.  

In order to protect, preserve, and expand the profession of optometry, we require strength in numbers.  That is why we have the California Optometric Association.  Our society is making a call to all optometrists who practice in the San Francisco area to join together to make a difference in the profession of optometry.


Benefits of Membership

COA works on your behalf to protect your license to practice in California.  It also represents our interests in the California legislature and the courts.  It advocates for a position in the regulatory and health care systems and for the inclusion in managed care programs.  COA and SCCOS together offer quality continuing education programs to meet license requirements.  This can add up to 18 credit hours per year, more than half our legal requirement.  

Additional benefits include subscriptions to the award winning California Optometry magazine and government affairs newsletter, News and Views.  You also get access to member pricing for association sponsored insurance programs and special registration discounts for educational conferences such as OptoWestMonterey Symposium, and AOA's annual congress.  


Membership and Project Keep

As a member of SFOS, you will get e-mail reminders of upcoming meetings and events.

Project Keep is a program designed to encourage new members to become more involved in leadership roles within the society. Project Keep enables each eligible member to benefit from a substantially reduced membership dues schedule. 


Be Part of SFOS Today!

Start by filling out the COA application online, and indicate that you would like to join the San Francisco Optometric Society.  
If you have any additional question, please feel free to contact us!